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The Matrix ...

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

First steps to unplugging.

I love business, I love the risk, reward, the chess match between competitors, clients, employees, negotiating deals, networking and the satisfaction of looking your boss and best employee in the mirror everyday.

I learned early that much like Neo a good business person could interpret the Matrix of business and manipulated to their will; while others found it exhausting, confusing or too much of a risk. I spent years as an employee because the Matrix provided me with the comfort and security I craved . Though I knew I was destined for more I wouldn't dare take the leap because I love the illusion of steak over the reality of gruel. I knew retiring wealthy was a fantasy and the only way to achieve the level of success I craved was to risk losing everything, work twice as hard, twice as long for half as much in hopes someday that everything I work for would meets it's fullest potential and become a self sufficient money making machine. This year I have set off on my mission, chasing the white rabbit taking the red pill and taking steps to some day unplug from the Matrix and in doing so help others to unplug and achieve their dreams along side me!

If I'm not "The One" I'll die trying to prove you otherwise.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Terrance today and as he say you can't really get to know a person until you look them in there eyes, well I had a chance to look Terrance in his eyes and saw nothing but love and his willingness to assist in whatever way he can to help a worthy cause. I see us working together forever in some form or fashion #SAF4LIFE

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